You’ll have unlimited access to a service that’s produced one triple-digit winner for every month so far in 2013.

Judging by The Insider Alert’s performance over the last decade, we could see half-a-dozen more before year’s end. (In the bear market of 2009, Alex closed 24 triple and quadruple-digit gainers. And the average “Insider Option” returned 119%.)

You’ll also receive:

  • Alex Green’s Insider Move Alerts. You’ll get every one of the emails Alex sends out, detailing each executive move as they happen. The window for opportunity for cashing in on insider moves is usually small. That’s why each alert will be rushed to you by email or fax (whichever you prefer). As soon as Alex knows about it, you’ll know about it.
  • A password to access members-only Insider Alert information online. Use this to access current recommendations. You can also check out The Insider Alert archives. Here, you can review past recommendations and stay up to date on every play.
  • Expert stock analysis. Insiders have a big advantage, but they’re not perfect. Now you’ve got a major advantage over them for a change. His name? Alex Green. Each of Alex’s recommendations is based on sound fundamentals and insider profit analytics.
  • Profit protection with trailing stops. Whether you’re paper trading or playing for real, trailing stops lock-in your profits and minimize the potential for losses. For example, after Alex led subscribers to a quick 22% gain on Dole in September, he recommended setting a high trailing stop in case of a sudden drop-off. A few weeks later, the stock was down more than 25%… something the Dole insiders couldn’t avoid.
  • An investment research service with an extraordinary track record. Over the past five years, the average gain on picks – that’s stocks and “Insider Options” – was 35.4%. That’s on 298 closed positions!

And don’t forget your free copy of Alex Green’s Six Rules for Smart Options Investing. This simple reference will help you harness the explosive power of “Insider Options.”

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