The Trade of the Century | The Remarkable Story of How a Man and His Wife Made $412,569 Every Day for Four Years... |	And How This Single Type of Restricted Trade Could Make You Extraordinarily Wealthy...

'His purchase is now worth over $600 million' - CNBC, Feb 2, 2013

Dear Reader,

It was March 2009.

The stock market had just plummeted 40% in six months.

Businesses were shedding tens of thousands of jobs every week. Panicked investors were pouring money into cash.

In short, the economy was in chaos.

But it was at that moment that one man made, quite likely, the best decision of his life.

In fact, his decision might just go down as one of the greatest stock trades ever.

On March 29 this gentleman, along with his wife, made two special purchases.

These were not your average, everyday stock trades.

In fact, there was something unique here that made these trades different from anything “normal” investors ever do.

But the results of their trades were out of this world. And I believe, in the days ahead, this same type of restricted trade could make you very wealthy.

Just look at what happened to this couple…

Two months after their two trades, they had tripled their money… The kind of grand slam most investors only dream about.

And yet it didn’t stop there…

The profits kept climbing… So much so that CNBC even did a report on them this year, revealing that their “initial purchase is now worth north of $600 million.

That’s a jaw-dropping average profit of $412,569 a day… Every day… For the past four years.

I’ll give you just a moment to imagine what bringing in $412k a day would be like…

You could pay off an Ivy League college education for a grandchild, niece or nephew – every 12 hours.

You could buy a decent plot of land almost anywhere in the country – every day.

Or you could contribute $250,000 a day to your favorite charity, and still sock away $59 million a year.

But here’s the most remarkable part of this story…

Even though we have no affiliation with this couple whatsoever, we knew of their special trades mere moments after they first made them.

In fact, Oxford Club Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green wrote about it on April 4, 2009, four years before CNBC, urging readers to make similar trades in their own accounts.

As a result, Alex’s readers were able to score big gains.

I ought to know, because I’m the guy who actually sends out Alex’s recommendations… And I hear back from Alex’s readers whenever they’ve hit it big.

For example, Pete Bataglia from Chicago emailed me about Alex’s “Trade of the Century” play. And he had some pretty good news:

I made a hefty profit on this recommendation. Thank you for your insight,” wrote Pete.

Sure enough, if (like Pete) you had known how to complete this particular trade, you could have tripled your money in less than a month… Twenty eight days, to be exact.

Of course, it’s important to remember, this “Trade of the Century” wasn’t a normal everyday trade. There was something very specific about it that made it unique…

That said, each year Alex is able to locate about 20 or so opportunities just like this that can make you a lot of money.

And over the past few years, I’ve seen this same kind of “Trade of the Century” help Alex’s readers lock in over three dozen triple-digit winners. Some of the best included gains of 318%… 652%… And even a jaw-dropping 1,248% just last September.

In other words, if you followed his suggestions, you could have more than doubled your money, nearly 40 different times in the last couple of years.

Today I’m going to share with you some of these stories… Including how everyday people who were clued in on the action made a lot of money.

So how does Alex know about these special trades just moments after they’re made, like what happened with “The Trade of the Century”?

And more importantly, how can he be so sure that they’ll also hand his readers big gains?

Over the next few minutes I’ll explain everything…

From what I’ve seen, by simply following these trades, it wouldn’t be out of line to shoot for monthly income of $3,147… $6,294… or possibly even $15,735 per month (all based on specific, real-life examples, which I’ll show you).

So here’s the full story…

A Front-Row Seat for Alex’s
Most Stunning “Restricted Trades”

Hi, I’m Chris Matthai.

I’ve been the head of the research division for The Oxford Club since 1997. I’m also the lead researcher for Alexander Green himself.

Over the years I’ve had a front-row seat when Alex has made some pretty amazing calls with these “restricted trades,” as we refer to them.

As I mentioned, there are about 20 to maybe 25 moments each year when these trades come available. And they can happen at any time…

Alex has emailed me urgent news from Vietnam while on an investing tour in Southeast Asia… He’s called me from the Salt Lake City airport after a Park City financial conference… and texted me from just outside the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Because when these trades take place… Alex knows we have to move fast.

And more often than you can imagine, his readers could have booked triple-baggers like 273%, 447% and even 680% as a result.

It all comes down to this unique type of restricted trade that Alex has, in effect, opened up to everyday investors.

In short, it involves a surprising quirk in the markets that he’s uncovered… Something he calls “an almost unfair advantage.”

Now Alex isn’t the only one who knows about this special edge.

In fact, several studies have proven that these kinds of restricted trades can make you a ton of money with very little downside risk.

A Wharton finance professor, for instance, says investors can see “abnormal profits” with this technique.

A Harvard and Yale joint study confirms that these trades can be “extremely profitable.”

And a detailed investigation by a Virginia Tech finance professor found that regular investors “can benefit by mimicking” these restricted trades.

Fact is, once you know the secret behind this strategy, booking winners becomes almost inevitable.

And I’m comfortable saying Alex is quite likely the world’s leading expert in showing ordinary folks exactly how to profit from these restricted trades.

His readers certainly seem to agree…

Like Greg Kramer down in Florida, for example, who emailed me about his fast double. His note said, “I bought 1,000 HBAN at $2.79 and sold today at $6.02. I look forward to continuing the fun.

Another guy, Udanis Ortiz who lives in New York, wrote, quite simply, “I made 230% on LLL. Thank you.

And I was especially glad to hear from John Santos, out in San Diego. He emailed in to tell us, “I’m up about $3,200 today. Thanks.

When I show you how Alex helps his readers make these restricted trades, it all becomes so obvious and so powerful…

That you might just wind up making more money than you ever thought possible.

In a moment, I’m going to show you exactly how this works. I’ll also give you the rest of the story about the man and his wife I mentioned before. Their specific trades were the most interesting in my opinion.

But before I talk about that, let me give you a couple of actual case histories, which will help you better understand why these are considered “restricted trades.” (Even though you can make them yourself.)

318% Gain Courtesy of
Investment Banker “Tip-Offs”

Ok so before I reveal exactly how the “Trade of the Century” went down, there are a few things you should know about these sorts of “restricted trades.”

First of all, as with most of the biggest moneymaking opportunities on Wall Street, they’re usually made by powerful people working at the highest levels of the Street’s biggest companies.

The sheer amount of money they’re raking in probably tipped you off to that.

That isn’t to say that regular people can’t make the plays. They can and do make money with these trades. It’s just that your regular main street investor usually doesn’t know how.

I’m going to show you how today, although I will tell you that you’re unlikely to bring in anywhere near $400,000 a day, a month, or even a year with this secret.

But it’s completely reasonable to expect to add between $3,000 to $8,000 to your monthly income, based on my experience watching these trades.

And over the course of a year, it’s quite possible you’ll hit the $100k mark.

So let me give you the story of one of the powerful people using these trades to make vast sums of money in the markets.

His name is Robert Scully.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that he’s a high-level executive at Bank of America.

Or that he’s a veteran of Salomon Brothers and Morgan Stanley.

In short, this guy is connected. He knows the right people and he knows what works in the markets.

So on Nov. 10, 2010, when he made one of these “restricted trades,” Alex immediately took notice.

Especially because Robert Scully wasn’t the only one making this particular trade.

On the very same day, another Bank of America director, Charles Holliday, put a huge amount of money, over a quarter of a million dollars, into the exact same trade

  Obviously, something big was going on.

So Alex immediately alerted his subscribers. And showed them a way to profit just like these guys…

And sure enough, between November 15 and January 14, the trade absolutely skyrocketed – just as Alex expected.

Scully and Holliday brought in nearly $200 grand between the two of them.

And investors who followed their move likewise could have seen an easy 318% gain in just 63 days thanks to the special play he recommended.

Consider for a second what a gain like that could do for you.

In two months, 318% would be enough to turn $10,000 into $41,800. You could put the $10,000 back in your brokerage account… Maybe pocket an extra $10,000 to add to your savings…

And use the remaining $21,800 to do whatever you want.

Better yet, as I’m about to show you… This is merely one trade out of more than 20 or so available each year.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how to use these “restricted trades” to bring in paydays like this all year long…

And while you may not make $110,000 in 60 days like Robert Scully did, you could end up making between $3,147 and $15,735 a month, based on what I’ve seen.

Ok, I’ve given you the basics of this so far.

Simply put, powerful CEOs and Fortune 500 executives are making restricted trades that often hand them six-figure paydays in just a few months.

But it’s time to dig a little deeper…

652% Return in 70 Days,
No Surprise to Alex…

It probably won’t surprise you to know that the reason these individuals have the chance to make these “restricted trades” also has to do with the executive positions they hold.

And it shouldn’t come as a shock that the trades they make are almost always in the companies they actually work for.

Of course, none of this is illegal. But there are restrictions on the type of trades they make… Which is one of the main reasons they actually end up making so much money with them.

Let me give you a real life example…

Take Lorillard. Based in Greensboro, N.C., Lorillard is America’s third-largest tobacco company.

In the early months of 2011, Alex noticed a whole bunch of Lorillard company executives making these restricted trades.

On February 18, Murray Kessler, chief executive at the company, made the first noticeable one.

Now, Kessler is a pretty sharp guy.

Beside his 20-plus years as a top executive, he has a business degree from Villanova and an MBA from the prestigious NYU Stern School of Business.

So when he made the first of these restricted trades, it came as no surprise to us that other executives at the company immediately followed suit…

Only a week later, his colleague, Director David Dangoor, made a $193,000 “restricted trade.” And three days later, on February 28, Director Travis Nigel jumped in as well with another $9,980 trade.

As you’ll see, sometimes even relatively “small” activity like this can produce very big profits for these guys.

And at that time, after seeing this flurry of orchestrated trades inside Lorillard, Alex told me to fire off instructions to our readers.

So, on March 1 I let them know how to get in on this restricted trade.

And sure enough, the chart shows what happened next…

Between March 1 and May 10, shares went through the roof.

Kessler was no doubt pleased. He made $365,699 in about three months. Likewise Nigel pulled in $4,191 on his small stake, and Dangoor made $79,184 over the same period.

And this Lorillard trade also turned out to be Alex’s biggest call of the year.

If you had acted on his recommendation, you could have closed it out for a 652% payday in just over two months. In other words, $10,000 would have turned into $65,200 in only 70 days!

Again, if you had followed that recommendation over one 70-day period, you could have pocketed your initial $10,000, saved another $10,000, and used the remaining $45,200 to go buy a new car with cash… Or even put a down payment on a vacation home.

Pretty impressive, I think you’ll agree.

And yet, Alex has continually used these restricted trades to produce gains like this throughout the year.

Based on our recent experience, you could very realistically expect to make an extra $3,147 or more with this strategy… every month…

Starting right now.

Why do I believe you can make $3,147 a month? Or even more?

How to Pull In a Six-
Figure “Salary” This Year

Because that’s how much you would have made each month by simply putting a flat $1,000 in every one of the special “restricted trade” plays our readers have had the chance to cash in on so far in 2013.

It’s that simple. All you do is follow these recommendations and then collect the cash.

But let’s say you wanted to step it up a bit… and put in $5,000 per recommendation.

You then would have banked, on average, $15,735 per month already this year. That’s the equivalent of a very high six-figure “salary” of $188,826 extended over the year.

And remember, you don’t have to do it by yourself…

We analyze the activity, send you all the important information and show you exactly how to profit.

So… What exactly are these “restricted trades?”

And how can they predict safe returns of hundreds of percents in just a few months… sometimes even weeks?

In order to explain it fully, let me share with you exactly how the “Trade of the Century” went down…

Why Try to Predict the Market, When Insiders Can Do It for Us

The gentleman and his wife who made more than $412,000 a day on a single trade are Sheldon and Miriam Adelson.

You may have heard of them.

Sheldon is a well-known business executive and the president of the Las Vegas Sands casino corporation.

The two of them have also become quite renowned for these two stock trades that netted them in excess of $600 million.

So here’s what happened that handed them more than half a billion dollars…

Back in 2009, as I mentioned earlier, the markets were in chaos. Stocks were plummeting. Investors were fleeing to cash.

Most people were panicked.

Sheldon Adelson was not.

He knew his business was in fine shape. He was watching the day-to-day financial statements and internal company affairs.

And perhaps he already knew a huge deal was brewing that would soon give his company access to a database of more than 52 million global gamblers.

Maybe he had good reason to believe a legal battle involving his company was about to be decided in his favor.

And surely he had tons of valuable intelligence that the company’s new casino in Macau was about to land a slam dunk into one of the world’s biggest untapped gaming markets.

Bottom line: He had a perspective on critical financial drivers that regular investors could never get.

He knew the company was ready to make a lot more money than people realized. And better yet, he knew that at just $3, its stock was severely undervalued.

So, he and his wife made two insider purchases I refer to as “restricted trades.”

“Restricted trades” are essentially a way for insiders to legally profit any time they have inside information that tells them the stock is going to jump on upcoming news.

That’s what many of these executives do.

They know beforehand when big news is about to go down… and then they legally make insider purchases based on the information that they have.

The only caveat is that they have to declare these trades to the SEC when they make them.

And that’s exactly what Sheldon and Miriam Adelson did.

On March 29, he and his wife declared their restricted trades to the SEC. And that’s exactly how Alex knew about them mere moments after they went down.

Now, these were not small purchases…

They bought over 12 million shares for a total investment of more than $37 million. (That’s why they’ve made such a ridiculous sum on these purchases.)

Take a look at what the stock has done since then…

Sure enough, in the months after Adelson went “all in,” Las Vegas Sands inked a 10-year deal with the Venetian and the Palazzo, gaining access to all their high-roller customers.

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled in Las Vegas Sand’s favor on a $43 million judgment.

And Las Vegas Sands announced record revenue of $1.9 billion, 47% higher over the previous year, largely due to the new overseas casinos.

As for the stock, in total it’s gone from $3 to over $60, and Adelson is one of America’s wealthiest men.

But here’s the best part of the whole story…

You Can Ride on
Billionaires’ Coattails

Alex’s subscribers – regular folks just like you – had a chance to make a ton of money as well.

In fact, in just the first 28 days after these purchases were made, Alex’s readers had the chance to triple their money.

That’s enough to turn $10,000 into $30,000 – or an extra one-month income of $20,000.

But as I’ve said, there are about 20 or so opportunities like this every year… Moments where executives make huge, unexpected purchases in their companies because they have information leading them to believe the stocks are about to jump in value.

When Alex spots these opportunities, like he did with the executives at Bank of America or Lorillard, it’s probably one of the easiest ways to make a lot of money in very short windows.

And we get tons of emails from his readers who apparently agree.

I got a letter from one fellow, Bob Crandall, who asked me to tell Alex, “My future retirement is looking rosier than ever. With returns like these, life is sweet.

Another reader, Bill Jiminsky seemed delighted with the triple-digit gains he scored thanks to Alex. Here’s what he said:

I decided late last year to act on your recommendation. Now I’ve sold half (more than doubling my money) and am looking forward to riding the rest up. Thanks for the good trade!

Another guy, Joseph Kilwin, wrote in and said, “Fantastic call on STX!! I made over 70%. You are right so much of the time I have all but stopped researching stocks on my own.

Not surprisingly, study after study has proven that following the “restricted trades” of high position executives has handily outperformed the markets over the years.

And really this shouldn’t come as any sort of shock…

After all, nobody knows the prospects of a company better than the people who run it.

So if insiders are betting big that the stock is about to go up in value, it’s probably a good bet that it will do just that.

In fact, since Alex first started tracking these “restricted trades” in 2003, he’s averaged a 44% gain on all closed positions. And the average holding time is just 75 days.

Bottom line: This is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to consistently make money in the markets.

So how do you pinpoint the handful of restricted trades with the greatest potential? The ones that could give you huge immediate gains?

There’s really only way that makes sense.

You need an expert to guide you. An expert who can analyze each situation and select only the best picks and the highest-performing plays.

An expert such as my colleague Alexander Green.

Alex’s Secret Way to
Beat the Market

As I mentioned, my name is Chris Matthai.

One of the reasons I joined The Oxford Club was the chance to work with a gentleman like Alexander Green.

Alex understands these “restricted trades” better than just about anyone – precisely because he was once a high-level executive at one of Wall’s Street biggest firms.

It was one of the things he and his fellow brokers would watch for. They knew that any time a major player made one of these trades, it meant the stock was very likely to go on a big run.

When Alex walked away from his position on Wall Street at 43, this was one of the top secrets he brought with him to The Oxford Club.

And it’s one of the many things Alex uses to deliver a stellar track record.

MarketWatch recently wrote that Alex “has developed a dramatically successful record, expressed through several portfolios, since arriving (at The Oxford Club) in 2001.

Dramatically successful indeed. Over that period – the past 10 years – Alex has lead The Oxford Club to beat the total return on the Wilshire 5000 by thirtyfold.

But he’s also developed a service based solely on tracking and taking advantage of these restricted trades.

It’s called The Insider Alert.

The Insider Alert is a VIP research service tailored to help regular people like you and me use the same moneymaking techniques of CEOs, directors and billionaire insiders. Because what Alex has discovered in more than 25 years as a professional money manager, advisor and editor is simply this…

There is no better way to beat the market than by tracking insider buying – and legally riding their coattails.

Seize a Distinct Advantage Over
Everybody Else in the Market

Insider buying is, quite simply, the best single indication that a stock is about to go up.

Peter Lynch, the most successful mutual fund manager of all time, says “There is no better tip-off to the probable success of a stock.

Mark Hulbert, independent analyst and editor of the highly regarded Hulbert Financial Digest, says, in many cases, “Investors can safely ignore [analyst] consensus and rely on [insider buying] alone.

And Wall Street legend Marty Zweig, author of Winning on Wall Street, says, “you’ve got an edge” by following insiders.

With The Insider Alert, Alex helps you take advantage of this fact. He monitors the moves of company executives day after day.

And any time somebody makes a huge bet on his own company, he dives right in to check it out.

Then, about 20 or so times a year, after his careful screening, Alex informs his readers right away so they can follow along for the ride.

It’s all paying off in spades for current subscribers. Just take a look at some of Alex’s recent insider plays…

  • 147% gain in 6 days on Verifone…
  • 163% gain in 43 days on Barnes and Noble…
  • 170% gain in 6 weeks on Helix Energy…
  • 256% gain in 28 days on Neustar…
  • 273% gain in 28 days on Las Vegas Sands…
  • 680% gain in 102 days on Seagate Technology…
  • 646% gain in 3 months on The Hain Celestial Group…
  • 1,088% gain in 83 days on McMoran…
  • And many MANY more.

Alex recommended each of these triple-digit winners to readers of his elite Insider Alert service.

And although these represent some of the biggest winners, the rest of his recommendations generally pay off handsomely as well.

As I said earlier, the average closed position in The Insider Alert since 2003 was a 44% gain. And the average holding time is just about two and a half months.

Let me show you a couple more illustrations of exactly how Alex’s service works…

Booked 166% on High
Tech in 86 Days

In June of 2012, Alex noticed a flurry of activity at the tech company Akamai.

Based in Cambridge, Mass., it specializes in digital storage and cloud services.

At that time, Alex told his readers, “So far this month, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Thomson Leighton has invested more than $4 million in the stock. Director George Conrades has invested roughly $750,000 this month, as well.

They’re taking advantage of the recent pullback in the stock. Akamai is poised for better-than-expected profits in the months ahead.“   Sure enough, just as Alex predicted, profits crushed expectations just a few weeks later.. And in 12 weeks time, on September 6, he told his readers to exit the play for a 166% gain.

It’s easy to see what happened here.

The stock was trading cheaply and Dr. Thomas Leighton and his Director George Conrades both knew it. Working inside the company, they assuredly knew that sales were coming in much higher than the mainstream analysts expected.

Otherwise why would they be pouring millions of dollars into the stock? Do you think they would have done the same if sales were stagnant or dropping?

Of course not.

So they legally made their “restricted trades” and waited for their payday.

However, Alex knew to look for this and got on board just in time.

And he was just getting started…

362% Returns in 98 Days

Every once in a while, all the stars align… and a situation comes along that simply jumps out at Alex as a tremendous, almost “no-brainer” buying opportunity.

Based in Valencia, Calif., MannKind is a biopharmaceutical firm focused on the discovery and sales of therapies for diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

In January 2013, he saw another “Trade of the Century” type of move that’s made his readers money hand-over-fist.

In this case, Alex told his readers, “Founder, CEO and principal stockholder Alfred Mann has been buying the stock like there’s no tomorrow, purchasing $103 million worth in December alone.

He now owns a total of more than 75.5 million shares. This is a man with a true conviction.“   So naturally, Alex issued a “Buy” alert for MannKind on January 8. Just about three months later, on April 16, he told his readers to exit the play.

If you’d followed Alex’s recommendations, you could have made 362% in 12 weeks.

A $2,000 stake would have turned into $7,240 with that one play alone.

Yet Alex has called even more triple-digit winners in recent months… And I remember a particularly funny circumstance surrounding one.

328% Payday in 94 Days

It was March 2013, and Alex had recently returned from The Oxford Club’s Southeast Asia Profit Expedition that visited Hong Kong, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, among others.

I was expecting some sort of exotic play Alex had found on that trip. So when he called, I said “What have you got for me?”

He says “Cake.”

So I’m thinking, “What, you bought me a cake?”

Of course, Alex meant CAKE – as in the stock symbol for Cheesecake Factory.

It turns out Alex was doing some research on the long plane trip back from Southeast Asia and really liked what he saw regarding the restaurant chain. All his indicators said “Buy,” and best of all, he’d found that a key insider was betting big on the stock.

Alex immediately wrote up all the information for his subscribers and gave me the green light to send it out.

Alex told his readers, “Sales and earnings should rise much more than consensus estimates in the weeks ahead. Director Herbert Simon recently purchased 20,000 shares of CAKE, an investment of roughly $700,000. Buy CAKE at market.   So sure enough, Alex issued his Cheesecake Factory “Buy” recommendation on March 11. Just 12 weeks later, on June 12, he told his readers to exit the play.

Alex locked in a 328% win in just about three months! No doubt, some of his subscribers celebrated with a good meal… and perhaps some cake as well.

So let’s summarize just these few trades for a moment…

  • From June 12 to September 6, Alex handed readers 166% returns from Akamai…
  • You could have locked in 362% gains on MannKind from January 8 to April 16…
  • And you could have collected a 328% payday from March 11 to June 12 on Cheesecake Factory.

Bottom line: If you had placed just $1,000 in each of those three plays, you’d be sitting on $11,560 – in exactly one year.

If you had put $5,000 in each, you’d have $57,800.

$10,000 would have turned into $115,600!

Over a whole year, that would be an extra income of $9,633 per month.

Yet keep in mind, Alex has bagged over three dozen triple-digit winners in recent years.

With Alex guiding you every step of the way, raking in big gain after big gain from insider signals becomes almost… easy.

In fact, looking at these impressive results, you might even be wondering…

“Can’t I Just Do This Myself?”

Fact is, you probably could pick some “insider” winners if you really put your nose to the grindstone…

And if you spent about 10 hours per day analyzing the market, like Alex does – looking for the biggest insider purchases at all the major firms trading on the major exchanges.

And if you had access to thousands of dollars in proprietary financial analysis programs, not to mention a full-time research staff.

How else would you wade through the more than 2,800 insider filings a day, or more than 57,000 filings a month, to find the 20 or so per year poised to soar?

But thanks to Alex’s proprietary system, you don’t have to bother with any of that.

Any time a big-time insider makes just the right kind of multimillion-dollar restricted trade… Or a swarm of executives all at the same company all mysteriously start buying in at the same moment… Alex will send you an alert immediately giving you plenty of time to cash in on the situation.

With a 44% average gain on each closed position, those 20 or so opportunities each year can really add up fast.

And when you look at Alex’s system, it’s easy to see why he’s had such a high level of success doing this…

Inside Alex’s Proprietary
Screening Program

Let me take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how Alex interprets the restricted trades from insiders – so you can take them to the bank.

Key Insider “Tip Off” #1 – First of all, Alex is generally looking for large six- or seven-figure transactions. He usually doesn’t put much weight in someone investing $30,000 or $50,000.

Rather, Alex looks for insiders buying hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars’ worth of the stock. They wouldn’t be betting that much money unless they had a pretty good idea some upcoming news was going to push the stock higher.

Key Insider “Tip Off” #2 – Next, Alex keeps a keen eye out for what he calls “buying clusters.” Rather than just one “Lone Ranger” insider, he wants to see not only the top executives but also lower-level officers and employees buying all at the same time.

This is a great sign that a lot of insiders realize the stock is selling far below its intrinsic worth.

Key Insider “Tip Off” #3 – Another factor Alex weighs is the track record of the insider. Some have a great history… and others don’t.

For example, John Sculley drove Apple into the ground in 1993– and his insider shares plummeted, too. Meanwhile, guys such as Doug Bergeron, CEO of Veriphone, just keep making winning calls over and over again.

Those factors – and many, many more – go into Alex’s decision on if, and when, to get into a play.

And remember, with Alex guiding you, successful recommendations and breathtaking gains could be yours for the taking just moments from now…

For example…

Readers Book Multiple
Triple-Baggers in Just Weeks

On Nov. 16, 2009, Alex noticed L-3 Communications Director Robert Millard had recently made a $731,400 restricted trade.   This was a clear signal to Alex that something big was about to happen. So he issued a “Buy” recommendation.

On January 11, Alex recommended his readers exit this play. It was a 305% gain in 56 days.

One happy Insider Alert reader, Owen Ulnis, didn’t seem disappointed to tell us: “I made 230% on L-3. Thank you.

Another subscriber, Dr. Bob Wyatt, did even better. “On L-3 I’m up plus-411% (closed as you recommended with 411% gain today),” he wrote us.

And Alex was just getting started…

Readers Collecting “Cash Back”
Thanks to the Stock Exchange Itself!

His next play was a company you certainly patronize – NYSE Euronext – better known as the New York Stock Exchange.

In mid-February, Alex saw that CEO Duncan Niederauer had completed a $600,000 restricted trade.

  Alex’s additional filters indicated the time to get in was now, and he alerted his readers on February 22.

The company almost immediately began a relentless march upward.

When Alex issued his “Sell” recommendation on April 13, his Insider Alert readers could have booked a 447% gain in 50 days.

One fellow, Bob Crandall, rode along for triple-digit profits. He emailed Alex to let him know, “My future retirement is looking rosier than ever. With returns like these, life is sweet.

Another guy, John Santos from San Diego, sent a quick note saying simply “Sold NYX today, up $3,200. Thanks.

“You are right so much of the time I
have all but stopped researching
stocks on my own”

As you can see, Alex’s proven techniques rack up winner after winner, over and over again.

And we love getting terrific emails from happy readers that confirm it all the time…

For example, Elliot McNamara recently told us: “Sold HTE on October 23 for $9.31 for a $666 profit, or 31% profit in two days.

Insider Alert reader Rick Santos from Austin, Texas wrote to thank Alex: “Your recommendations are almost always right… Your strategy has worked consistently well for me. For example, with BKS, who can complain about a 125% gain or a 300% gain? Thanks for the GREAT work!

But another Insider Alert reader, Joseph Kilwin, who I mentioned earlier, may have put it best: “Fantastic call on STX!! I made over 70%. You are right so much of the time I have all but stopped researching stocks on my own,” he said.

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Here’s What You Get
As a New Member…

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Since 2005, a flat $5,000 investment in every Insider Alert recommendation would have netted you roughly $765,000, not including principal! That’s an extra income of $120,855 each year.

Whether your goal is to supplement your income, grow your retirement portfolio, or just enjoy some extra spending cash, there’s no question in my mind that Alex’s service can help you tremendously.

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Our Promise to You

Explosive short-term profits aren’t for everyone. We understand that.

That’s why The Oxford Club has agreed to give you 90 days to try out The Insider Alert.

Use this time to test out his service… paper trade each move if you like… and see if you aren’t completely blown away by the results.

If, during that time, you feel for any reason this isn’t for you… You can simply cancel your subscription for an immediate refund (less our customary 10% processing fee.)

We’ll likely have given you at least six to eight opportunities to profit from Alex’s strategy by then. So you’ll know exactly how well it works.

There’s absolutely no additional risk in trying it. Think about it…

If you’d joined Alex’s Insider Alert earlier this year, you could have seen overall gains of up to 2,318% – enough to turn a stake of just $2,500 into a $60,450 windfall.

And you could have been among Insider Alert readers like Patrick Brown, who told us: “Thank you very much for your recent recommendation. I sold my position for a PROFIT of 396%.

Yet Alex is planning on doing even better in the coming months.

And if for any reason The Insider Alert is not right for you in the end, you’ll get your money back less the customary 10% processing fee. I really can’t imagine a better or fairer deal. Simply click here to get in on the coming wave of triple-digit winners.

Or if you’d prefer, call our VIP Services Department at 888.570.9830 or 410.454.0498 and mention Priority Code: W786R301 and we’ll process your order in person.


Chris Matthai
Research Director, The Oxford Club
September 2013