Dear Fellow Investor,

The Wall Street Journal recently featured a list of the 10 best-paying professions according to CareerCast…

The top jobs were those you probably expect.

Doctors. Engineers. Lawyers.

Yet, there is one income source we found that would’ve topped the list had it been included…

In the many cases we’ve studied, it’s paid an average $28,276 monthly over the past year or so, a full $8,845 more per month than the top-paying jobs on CareerCast’s list…

Last year, many of those involved in this “off-hours profession” made far more than any surgeon, physician or psychiatrist I’ve ever met.

And they did it on their own terms.

Like David Michaels. He’s an executive at a firm that sells batteries, hardware, auto care products and more. All day long this gentleman meets with clients, goes over budgets, you name it. No doubt his job is very high-stress.

But I happen to know that he also takes part in what I refer to as a “second profession.”

And in a little over 12 months, he’s brought in $161,585 of passive income.

He did it all by making a few simple transactions that paid him a lot of money…

Making these particular moves required no advertising. No keeping up websites. No boss.

Bruce Blanow from Florida is another example. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts back in 1980. And since then, he’s had a very successful traditional career.

But now he’s making even more money from his “side profession.”

Over the past year or so he’s used it to log paydays totaling about $39K per month.

Then there’s Tim, who’s made $237,700 in passive income in less than two years… Randal, who made $834,216 in about a year… James, who made $455,600 over just a few years…

The list goes on.

Now before I continue, let me make one thing clear…

The money these people collected through their off-hours profession was in addition to their regular jobs. No doubt their actual jobs took years of study, hard work and sacrifice.

For that they receive regular salaries and bonuses like the rest of us.

But while working, they’ve also found this way to increase their income outside of the office.

And the good news is, I have a way for you to tap into the riches they’re making on their off-hours…

Doing it this way doesn’t require a fancy education…

Or a huge time commitment.

As I said, this is passive income.

But that doesn’t mean just anyone can do it.

This isn’t some bogus “make money from your computer at home” sort of deal. It’s not the sort of thing a “former employee of Walmart” or fast food worker found to make a fortune.

Those schemes are just plain nonsense.

Rather, this is a PROVEN way to bring home thousands of dollars in easy income each month.

It takes some smarts… skill… and a bit of gumption, too.

So if you’re an intelligent person who can follow a few simple steps, I know you can do this.

And while it may take you a couple of years to work your way up to the income that the “top earners” in this side job are making…

There’s no doubt in my mind that you could make as much as $7,783 per month from it this year… all in your free time.

That’s an extra $93,394 – in just one year – to do whatever you want with!

“What Would You Do if You Received an Extra $7,783 Paycheck This Friday?”

Now before I get carried away, I should mention…

This off-hours profession isn’t at all traditional…

In fact, it’s not even technically a job.

Still, my knowledge of it has led many people – just like you and me – to a steady stream of paychecks…

In fact, so far in 2015, you could have collected paychecks ranging from $4,192 on April 29… to $8,462 on June 22… to $16,190 on July 6… to even as much as $78,696 on January 5.

The average on our winning plays comes out to $7,783 per month.

So what would you do if you actually received a paycheck this Friday of $7,783?

Personally, I’d spring for a full world luxury cruise with Cunard aboard the Queen Mary 2…

But what about you?

Would you pay off your debt? Take an exotic vacation? Buy the car of your dreams? Gift it to your children or your grandchildren?

Or maybe you’d simply put the money back to work… to collect bigger and bigger paydays so in the future, you could achieve an even grander goal.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how you can accomplish this…

And reveal the three simple steps you can follow, starting today…

To create your own personal six-figure income – on the side.

Pay close attention.

And remember – this DOES NOT require starting some new business… participating in a crazy online marketing scheme… or anything like that.

Still, I’ll be the first to admit that piggybacking the off-hours profession in the way I’m about to share with you is NOT for everybody.

So let me be frank…

If you’re someone who “can’t commit” about an hour of your time every week…

If you’re perfectly content to save a few dollars here and there, waiting years for your money to grow…

Or if you’re one of those “always-busy” types…

It’s pretty simple – this isn’t for you.


If you want to exceed your retirement goals faster than you ever thought possible…

If you’re looking for a great opportunity to score an extraordinary amount of extra income on a consistent basis…

And if you’re able to “work” about one hour a week – on your schedule – following the three simple steps I’m going to share with you today…

Then you are exactly the type of person I believe could benefit from the off-hours profession.

Here’s how it works…

There Is A LOT of Money to Be Made Here…

To put it simply, more fortunes are made thanks to this strategy than any other I know of…

Now I realize you’ve seen claims like this before.

I see them daily as well. In message boards… on Facebook… you’ll always see these insane postings about making $9,462 per hour on your computer.

The problem with those deals is… most of them lead you to gimmicks like filling out online surveys for $2 an hour. Many others are downright fraudulent.

The profession I’m talking about today is very real. And it’s one practiced by some of the wealthiest and most intelligent people in America.

The success stories are endless…

From July 22, 2015 to July 29, 2015 – in just one week – John Kingston used this off-hours gig and was up a cool $24,329.

And Jason Fitzgerald, who has spent most of his professional career in the metals recycling industry, performed this side job starting back on September 5, 2014. Since then, he has profited over $50,000

Then there are the more exceptional cases…

Like Wyatt Russell, who so far has turned a profit of close to $11 million in just over a year

Or Patrick Epstein, a Stanford grad with an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business who used this side profession to make an average of $211,700 every month for four years

I’m telling you: Everything they are doing is simple and straightforward to follow. And there is A LOT of money to be made here.

And all you have to do to start collecting thousands for yourself – month after month – is follow three simple steps…


Here’s Step 1:

You’ll need to track certain money movements in the stock market and then follow the instructions regarding where to collect.

That might sound tricky, but as I’ll show you in just a moment, it’s quite elementary…

These money movements are so obvious and predictable… once you know what to look for.

According to one financial publisher, “More fortunes are made from this secret than anything else. And these windfalls are available to anyone who has access to the right information.”

I’ll show you this secret in full over the next few minutes – as well as all three steps.

But first, let me introduce myself…

“Short of winning the lottery, I’ve never seen an easier or more foolproof way to accumulate wealth than with the off-hours profession…”

My name is George Rayburn.

I’m the Director of Business Operations at The Oxford Club, one of the world’s most powerful publishers and fellowships of private wealth seekers.

For more than 25 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping people just like you accumulate wealth – quickly and safely.

And we’re proud of the results our team has been able to deliver.

For instance, our friend Chris Urskowitz recently sent us an email saying he couldn’t believe it when he checked his statement and saw that his money had jumped $20,000 in a few short days…

Then there’s James Tinley, who wrote in to tell us we’ve helped him make tens of thousands of dollars…

Paul O’Brien, who just pocketed $14,000…

Gloria Brown, who made $40,600…

John Coleman, who took profits of about $200,000 on just one recommendation…

And one of my personal favorites, Richard Collins from South Carolina, who recently wrote in to tell us he has almost achieved his seven-figure goal.

In fact, in about three years his net worth has gone from $520,434 to an incredible $888,326.

Now, I’m not reaching out to you today to simply brag about the money our readers have made.

Rather, I want to help you start writing your own personal success story.

You see, short of winning the lottery, I’ve never seen an easier or more foolproof way to accumulate wealth than by piggybacking the off-hours profession I’m going to tell you about now.

Until I saw it for myself, I had always assumed – like most people – that if you wanted to bring home six figures a year, you had to get educated and work your tail off.

That is, until one gentleman shared with me THE EXACT THING I’m about to share with you.

It comes from one of the foremost experts in the financial world and our very own Chief Investment Strategist – a gentleman named Alexander Green…

Alex’s Secret to Scoring a Passive Six-Figure Income

The passive income secret I’m about to show you started as an extra source of cash for some of the wealthiest people in the world.

The Wall Street Journalsays that it gives those involved a unique “edge.”

CNBC credits it with making people millions.

And a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that those involved in this off-hours profession can “profit handsomely.”

Here’s the best part…

The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green has perfected a way for everyday people like you and me to benefit from this profession.

It’s a way to collect thousands of dollars in passive income – month after month – by taking advantage of a strategy used by Wall Street’s highest-level executives.

To understand what I’m talking about, you have to realize that the wealthiest Americans do not simply collect a salary. They find lots of ways to generate extra passive income.

For example, Las Vegas Sands CEO and Chairman Sheldon Adelson no doubt gets paid handsomely for his day job. But he’s racked up north of $600 million from this “side job.”

Jamie Dimon, CEO and chairman of JPMorgan, has made $18 million from it…

Harley Davidson Director George Conrades has pocketed $2 million…

Collect Thousands From Following Wall Street’s Highest-Level Executives

Now these millionaires I just mentioned all have two things in common…

They’re insiders – Wall Street executives, owners, board members and more – in positions of power…

And they’ve made a lot of money buying – and selling – their company’s stock.

Now, I know insider trading is a term that conjures up visions of illegal backroom dealing to buy and sell shares on information not available to the public…

Or flashbacks of the Martha Stewart scandal or the more recent Wyly brothers scheme…

You might even get an image in your head of Charlie Sheen from the ‘80s classic “Wall Street.”

But let me assure you…

There is a perfectly legal way for these insiders to trade. In fact, thousands of shares are bought and sold weekly by corporate insiders.

And these insiders rake in gobs of money on perfectly legal “insider” trades. This is what I refer to as their off hours-profession.

But by following their moves, regular people like you and me can also make a lot of money…

As much as an extra $7,783 worth of passive income every month – sometimes more.

Let me explain how this is possible…

As you probably realize, the CEOs and CFOs of the world have access to every bit of company information you could ever want.

Each day, they’re on conference calls talking about new products… they’re looking at sales reports… they’re working out the deals on mergers and acquisitions. They know when the company is targeting new markets… and when it’s beaten out a competitor.

In other words, they understand the position of the company…

They know where the stock is likely to go next…

And they know it before anyone else.

Put simply, they have an edge.

And that edge allows them to collect large paydays of extra income by acting on information that is NOT available to the public.

It’s this “side job” – using their inside information to make stock trades – that’s made them millions.

Over the next few minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how they do it…

And how you can easily follow their lead – starting today – to score your own huge paydays.

Insiders Point to This Off-Hours Profession

Walgreens is a perfect example.

Last fall, Walgreens was in the news a lot…

And not for the best of reasons.

In early August, the company decided NOT to shift its headquarters overseas to escape high U.S. federal and state corporate taxes.

The stock sold off 15% on the news.

Just weeks later, the company revealed that it made a $1.1 billion forecasting error…

And then to make matters worse, the former CFO Wade Miquelon filed a defamation suit against the company claiming that he was unfairly blamed for the error.

Now, as a regular investor… with so much bad news making headlines… you’d probably stay far away from Walgreens.

And that’s what most people did.

But the insiders did something wholly different… Director Barry Rosenstein actually took this opportunity to start buying… and buying a lot!

In October 2014 he purchased 1,250,000 shares of Walgreens for around $77.3 million.

Perhaps he had a feeling that the company’s merger with Alliance Boots would give it just the boost it needed.

Today, less than one year later, he’s made approximately $41 million in passive income on that trade…

Now, I can’t promise you’ll make $41 million.

But if you had purchased just 1,000 shares when Rosenstein bought his 1.25 million shares, you could have collected $32,800 in passive income for yourself.

And I promise you, I can show you exactly how to tap into these market-crushing returns.

Let’s look at another example, Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

Based in California, Valeant specializes in both branded and over-the-counter drugs.

Back in August 2013, a flurry of buying activity began amongst the insiders.

Director Ronald Farmer purchased 2,500 shares – an investment of $250,000.

Chief Legal Officer Robert Chai-Onn bought 5,000 shares for $500,000.

And not to be outdone, Director Fred Hassan picked up 51,000 shares – an investment of more than $5 million.

Why were they buying en masse?

Well, for one, they were in the beginning stages of several acquisitions of profitable drug and healthcare companies in Asia and Latin America.

Sales were way up as well… jumping 34% in one year and topping $1 billion.

So the insiders, understanding that good news was about to come out, began piling into the stock.

Now remember… these folks have access to all kinds of material, nonpublic information about the company’s financial health and near-term earnings prospects.

And their buying activity clearly indicated that Valeant – though at the high end of its range – was undervalued.

As you’ve already guessed, they were right.

The company’s stock has more than doubled since September 2013…

And that $5 million investment made by Director Fred Hassan?

It’s shot up 135% and is now worth $12,074,250.

Now, if you had bought just 100 shares alongside these guys, you could have collected passive income totaling $13,500.

That’s how this works. You figure out when the insiders are loading up and you tag along for the ride.

Here’s one more…

Cracker Barrel.

Now, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed a hearty meal at this homestyle restaurant at least once or twice.

But there’s more to this place than just good meals, fair prices and comfortable atmosphere.

And Sardar Biglari, beneficial owner of Cracker Barrel, knows it.

He owns more than 3.7 million shares – and in April 2012 he invested almost $10 million more into the stock.

Clearly, he KNEW business at Cracker Barrel would remain strong… and he was dead on.

Today, the 178,890 shares that he purchased in April 2012 are worth upward of $28 million.

One more time trusting Sardar Biglari’s instincts (and insider moves) and you could have had the opportunity to pocket an extra $18,700 in Cracker Barrel – if you purchased just 100 shares.

I’m sure you can see the pattern here…

1.     Company insiders get access to nonpublic information.

2.     They buy up stock in their company (legally).

3.     The company’s stock soars – and the insiders profit big.

The ability of insiders to use their positions to profit is what Alexander Green calls an “unfair advantage.”

Peter Lynch, the most successful mutual fund manager of all time, says:

There is no better tipoff to the probable success of a stock than that people in the company are putting their own money into it.”

In fact, study after study proves that companies experiencing legal insider buying greatly outperform the market.

For instance, InsiderScore CEO Rusty Szurek recently reported:

We've looked at studies going back to 1982, and there hasn't been a significant move to the upside that wasn't accompanied by heavy insider buying.”

And according to a Boston University and Emory University study, following their moves can help investors score “significant abnormal profits.”

And here’s the best part…

There is a way for regular investors – just like you and me – to make quite an income from following the insiders’ moves.

It’s All Thanks to a Little-Known “Loophole”…

As you’ve seen, America’s wealthiest CEOs and executives don’t get rich like everyone else…

You won’t see them waiting every other Friday for a paycheck… or reinvesting $2 dividends on their stocks… that’s for “commoners.”

Rather, they build their wealth by acting on information that is NOT available to the public…

They get rich off their personal connections and nonmaterial public information…

And they use this intelligence to both grow AND protect their money – no matter what the market is doing – before you and I have any clue what’s going on.

You may think that it’s illegal… but it’s not…

Thanks to a little-known loophole.

You see, rather than banning insiders from trading altogether, the government allows them to make insider purchases…

With just a few stipulations.

Here’s the big one: Insiders must alert the SEC regarding any moves by filling out what’s called a Form 4.

That gives the SEC details on the trades they make…

And then the trade becomes public knowledge – giving regular traders like you and me the chance to profit alongside them.

This is the off-hours profession I’m talking about.

By tracking the insiders’ moves… and tagging along for the inevitable upside move… you can collect thousands of dollars each week.

And here’s what’s even better: There are dozens of opportunities to follow insiders… every week.

That equals a lot of extra income for those involved in this “side job.”

And this three-step system I’ve been telling you about is the most reliable way of doing it.

The way it works is simple…

The key is watching the insiders closely and making sure you get in right after they act, before their nonpublic information gets out.

Let me show you some quick examples…

Three Times Following the Insiders Paid BIG

On May 14, 2013, William Rastetter, a director at Receptos Inc., made a big purchase of his company’s stock.

He bought 336,995 shares.

Now, at the time, it was trading for only $14.

But less than one year later, by March 12, 2014, it was up to $53.10 a share.

If you had put in $10,000 at the same time as Mr. Rastetter, you would have collected $27,928 in passive income.

Better yet, if you had held on to it, today that one $10,000 investment would be worth $164,342.

Here’s another…

On December 31, 2013, CEO of Desert Gateway Inc. Martin Shkreli picked up $1.05 million worth of his company’s stock.

At the time, it was trading around $7.

Just four months later, the stock had jumped to $23.36.

If you had put just $10,000 into this stock around the same time as the company’s CEO, you would have wound up with a profit of $23,371.

That’s a gain of 233%!

The same story played out in United Insurance Holdings Corp.

Back in August 2013, Director William Hood was buying up tons of shares of this company.

He got in at around $7.50.

And by February 2015, it was trading at $28.09

Once again, if you had followed him and invested just $10,000, you would have made $27,453.

The side profession I’m talking about really is this simple.

And it works in three steps.

First, you identify when the insiders load up on shares… (I’ll show you the easy way to do that in a second.)

Second, you buy shares just like they did…

And third, you sell and collect your passive income.

The payouts from this can be life-altering, to say the least.

In the three examples I just gave you, an investment of $10,000 in each would have helped you score $78,752 worth of extra income.

So how do you go about doing this?

It has to do with a system set up by our Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green.

He’s created a way for Oxford Club Members to identify and profit from the discreet moves of Wall Street insiders.

And depending on how many of Alex’s trades you follow, you could end up with dozens of paydays – every year.

Now, I’d like to tell you more about how this all works…

But I’m sure there are a ton of questions running through your mind right now…

And I’d like to answer those for you…

Let Me Take a Moment to Answer Some of Your Questions…

Let’s run through the most common ones:

Question #1: How does Alex track the insiders?

As I said earlier, corporate insiders are required to file a statement with the SEC within 48 hours of buying their stock.

The problem is, lots of insiders file every day…

There are more than 2,800 insider filings a day…

And more than 57,000 filings a month…

You can see all of them at the SEC’s Edgar database.

And that brings me to the second question we always hear…

Question #2: With so many filings, how do you know which ones to follow?

This is where you need a seasoned veteran like Alexander Green.

The fact is, many of those 2,800 daily filings are worthless.

If the purchase is tiny – like $500 – you can throw that out. It’s meaningless.

If it’s an insider sale, you don’t want to bother with that either. Insiders sell for all kinds of reasons.

And scheduled purchases or sales don’t carry much weight either.

What you want to see are high-level executives making BIG unexpected purchases. Hundreds of thousands of dollars is good. If they are betting millions, even better.

People don’t risk that much money lightly. It means they probably know something we don’t.

What’s even better, according to Alex, is when you see lots of insiders all buying at the same company.

That means they all see the writing on the wall. Sales are big. The company is doing well. The stock is about to blast off.

And they all want in on the action.

Novavax Inc. is a great example. Just this year, at least seven executives and major holders all started making purchases at the same time.

CFO Barclay Phillips picked up over 8,000 shares… CEO and President Stanley Erck picked up more than 6,000 shares… and the senior vice president of manufacturing picked up 9,000-plus shares.

It was an insider feeding frenzy.

And sure enough, from January 31, 2015, to August 11, 2015, the stock has exploded 509% – jumping from $2.28 to $13.89.

But there’s one more question I’m sure you’re wondering about:

Question #3: Just how successful is Alex at tracking these? What’s his verified track record?

Your Success Story Could Look Something Like This…

Well, when Alex first started on Wall Street, he had one goal. He wanted to find an “edge” – that special something that would separate him from all the other guys.

So he devoted himself to learning everything he could about the markets.

He started reading books night and day, tirelessly studying the words handed down by Warren Buffett and his teacher Benjamin Graham. He pored over Peter Lynch’s One Up on Wall Street until he understood every word.

Alex became an expert on the market’s experts…

And that’s when he discovered one glaring detail that linked each of their strategies together…

Alex saw that every one of them used a single technique to gain an advantage in the markets…

They followed the insiders.

So over time, he developed his own strategy for investing in companies with huge insider buying.

He found a way to access the SEC’s insider buying reports the moment they were filed.

And he began using those reports to pick his stocks.

Alex first started making his insider recommendations in a service called The Insider Alert back in 2003.

Over the past 10 years alone he’s closed out 474 positions. And he’s averaged a 33.81%return on each (including partial plays).

Let me emphasize that again. Over 10 years, he’s recommended and closed positions following insiders on 474 occasions. And the average gain was 33.81% (including partial plays).

Remember those three plays I told you about earlier?

Walgreens, Valeant Pharmaceuticals and Cracker Barrel…

Well, those were just three real instances where Alex was able to identify opportunities to help people get the chance to capture a ton of passive income just by following the insiders.

Following the insiders’ moves, Alex went on to recommend those companies in real time to his subscribers.

The question you need to ask yourself is… what would a 33% gain once every six months mean for your portfolio?

Well, consider this…

If you started with a $10,000 investment and collected a 33% gain just once every six months for 10 years, today you’d have collected $2.99 million in passive income.

And many times the gains are FAR bigger than 33%…

$31,667 in Four Months

On June 30, 2014, Alex noticed something big…

American multibillionaire Peter Kellogg had suddenly picked up 341,000 shares of Mercer International…

An investment of more than $3 million.

Now at the time, if you had taken a look at the company’s most recent numbers, you wouldn’t have been impressed.

Profit margins were slightly negative…

And the company had just lost $0.09 a share.

But savvy insiders like Kellogg were looking forward – not back.

That’s because they knew that earnings were expected to hit $0.50 a share that year and more than double in 2015.

So at less than 10 times prospective earnings, the stock was a great “Buy.”

And they were right.

In just over four months, Alex’s recommendation on the leveraged play shot up 292.94%

And those following him in this off-hours profession were able to turn an investment of just $10,000 into a quick payday of $29,294.

Here’s another example…

We Followed Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn to the Bank!

Back in January 2011, Carl Icahn was loading up on a natural and organic food company called The Hain Celestial Group.

He saw that the stock was selling cheap – and so he invested $1.46 million in the stock.

Soon thereafter, the company announced strong earnings and the plan for two strategic acquisitions – as Icahn undoubtedly expected – and the stock shot up.

Those who took Alex’s advice on this leveraged play had the chance to turn a $10,000 investment into a payday of $48,000 in less than four months.

That’s not a bad outcome for something that only takes a couple of minutes…

And that you can do in your spare time.

Now, let me tell you about the best insider tracking opportunity Alex has found in the past couple of years…

A Six-Figure Payday From ONE Recommendation

This one also came from tracking the moves of billionaire investor Carl Icahn.

It happened back in May 2012.

Alex was tracking the insider buying for the day…

And noticed that Mr. Icahn suddenly picked up $19 million worth of a company called CVR Energy.

Icahn’s buying activity told Alex one thing…

The company was about to get some fantastic news.

Alex suspected that the company was about to sell for a premium on its current price.

So on May 29, 2012, he helped a handful of people follow Icahn’s trade.

Shortly after, Icahn announced that he had contacted 30 buyers for CVR.

And in just four months, Alex’s recommendation on the leveraged play shot up an extraordinary 1,248%.

Assuming you invested $10,000 into that play, you would have made an incredible $124,800 in passive income.

The accuracy of this strategy is extraordinary, as I’m sure you can see.

As I stated earlier, over the past 10 years he’s closed out 474 positions with an average return of 33.81% on each.

That’s because he’s perfected a way to identify the lowest-risk plays with the highest moneymaking potential…

Giving you the chance to score a monthly passive income of $7,783… or more.

Where does that number come from, you might ask?

The $7,783 figure is what you would have made in just over a year had you invested $10,000 in all of Alex’s winning plays.

In just a couple of minutes I will show you exactly how you can get access to Alex’s insider research…

And the three simple steps you can follow – starting today – to help create your own personal six-figure side income.

But first, I want to share with you Alex’s six golden rules for achieving success by following these insiders in their off-hours profession…

Follow Alex Green’s Six Golden Rules to Financial Freedom

They may seem overly simple…

But if you follow these six rules, I’m telling you, the size and frequency of your paydays will increase dramatically.

#1: Look Only at Insider Buying, NOT Selling:Insiders sell for all kinds of reasons. It might be part of their compensation package. Or maybe they need the money to pay taxes. Or for a down payment on a new house. However, insiders buy for only one reason. And that’s to make money.

#2: Significant Buying: Remember, these guys are usually very rich (and smart). If they only buy $5,000 worth of a company’s stock, it means almost nothing. We want to look for six-figure, or better yet, seven-figure purchases. People don’t risk that kind of money unless they are pretty sure of how it’s going to pan out.

#3: Successful Track Records: Not all insiders have the same “batting average,” if you will. That’s why it’s important to look at the track record of each insider we follow. Have their investments paid off in the past? If so, their transactions carry more weight.

#4: Insider Buying Clusters: This one is really important. When one insider makes a purchase, he may have a hunch. But when multiple insiders are buying in, that’s a very strong sign. They’re sending us a clear message: “This company is having a great run. Time to buy some stock!”

#5: Insider Buying When Prices Are High: This one seems unusual. And it’s rare that insiders do actually buy when the stock price is already high. However, every once in a while insiders still load up. That means the internal reports they are seeing are SO good, the high price doesn’t scare them. And it almost always leads to even bigger stock increases. You can expect even better paydays when this happens.

#6: Individuals Who Own More Than 10% Are Key:There are certain management firms, individuals and hedge funds that, because of their large stock position, can gain exclusive access (and influence) to corporate management. Any purchases made by this group must be taken very seriously.

Now, if you’re worried about how you’re going to follow Alex’s six golden rules, I have even better news…

Youdon’t actually have to worry about them.

Alex will follow them for you…

And all you need to do is follow him – and his VIP research service called The Insider Alert.

Follow Alex’s Insider Alert to a Six-Figure Income

Today, Alex is opening up his service to 250 individuals who are interested in following insider movements for big gains.

The moment you accept his invitation, Alex will send you his latest alert. In it, you’ll find details on the latest insider plays, including:

  • The names of the insiders buying
  • When the insiders purchased their shares
  • How many shares they bought
  • Why the insiders might be buying
  • A full financial rundown of the company
  • Updates on the company and its financial well-being
  • The price you should buy the stock
  • The price you should sell the stock for the biggest payday.

This is invaluable information that takes Alex hours every day to research.

And you’ll get access to all of it in just a matter of seconds.

That gives you an extreme edge.

It also allows you the opportunity to collect the biggest possible gains in the shortest amount of time.

Now, I should tell you… this does not boil down to simply copycatting every insider move out there.

There are a few criteria that help Alex separate the biggest winners from the losers.

Separating the Winners From the Losers

Once he finds a company where multiple insiders are buying, he runs the play through a set of criteria that greatly increases his win rate.

Each one of these 25 metrics must be met before he will even consider a stock a “Buy.”

The criteria are more technical so I won’t go through every one, but here’s just a few of the characteristics each company must meet:

  • Profitable company with a high margin of safety
  • Higher earnings forecast for the next 90 days
  • Expectation of new or bigger dividend distributions
  • Institutional support from mutual funds and other large traders.

The list totals 25 unique criteria.

When he finds a company that passes his rigorous test, he will send you all the details immediately.

To Alex, it’s all about giving regular everyday people like you and me the same advantage as the world’s wealthiest.

His alerts are designed to only take up about 15 minutes of your entire week. In each one, he’ll give you his clear and concise analysis.

Then if you choose to follow along, you’ll simply make your move, then leave the trade alone… potentially collecting thousands of dollars while you go about your day.

There’s one other thing I wanted to mention to you about Alex’s service, too…

It Works in Every Market… Bull or Bear… so if You’re Uncertain About Today’s Market, You’re Protected

I know a lot of people keep saying that this bull market we’re in has to end soon.

And while I don’t necessarily agree with all the media pundits that keep saying it’s right around the corner, I do want you to know one thing…

Alex’s strategy for following the insiders works in a down market, too!

I hate to bring back bad memories, but think back to 2008 for a moment, if you will.

The stock market plummeted. It lost nearly 40% within mere months.

And many people saw their portfolios and retirement accounts completely devastated.

However, while most were losing money, those following Alex’s recommendations from The Insider Alert were making money.

By following the insiders, they were able to see where the smart money was going.

For example, in February 2008, Alex noticed insiders were buying up massive amounts of shares in McMoRan Exploration, an oil and gas exploration company.

Right before the stock market fell, company Director Robert Day purchased $8 million worth of  McMoRan shares.

Alex ran the company through each of his metrics and it passed.

So he immediately sent out a “Buy” alert on February 19, 2008 – in the midst of the market meltdown – to his Insider Alert followers.

And while the market continued its free fall, Alex’s followers were still able to gain an extraordinary 1,088% on his recommended leveraged play.

That’s enough to turn a simple investment of $5,000 into $54,500 worth of passive income.

The fact of the matter is this: No matter what’s going on in the market, there are always individual companies that will do well.

You just have to know what to look for.

And Alex does.

He saw that McMoRan had healthy cash flow, double-digit earnings per share and a high margin of safety – all positive factors from his 25 metrics.

Most importantly, though, he saw that the people running the company were buying shares – and lots of them.

And this wasn’t just a one-off.

Alex’s research has helped his readers beat market lows time and time again.

During some of the worst periods in the market, a $5,000 investment in some of Alex’s recommendations would have given you the chance to score:

  • $15,722 on Equinix
  • $5,000 on First Horizon
  • $20,500 on Motorola
  • $11,650 on Crown Castle
  • $5,400 on AutoNation.

The list goes on.

And we’re confident that when the bull market does end, those following Alex’s Insider Alert will still have the chance to make plenty of money.

“These Results Have Paid for My Membership Many Times Over!”

Just like Bill Casey down in Florida. He recently emailed Alex to brag about some of the returns he achieved in less than a year. Here’s what he said:

Alex, I signed up for The Insider Alert about nine months ago and I have been astounded! With returns like these, life is sweet. I’ve made 195% on Inspire Pharmaceuticals, 364% on Valeant and 368% on L-3 Communications. The results have paid for my membership many times over!

Then there’s Leonard Sullivan, who told Alex:

We bought all of  The Insider Alert recommendations and today Boston Scientific just made us a good chunk of money that paid for the full-year service in less than seven days with a lot to spare.”

Another one of Alex’s followers, Joseph Kilwin, says:

Alex’s recommendations are right so much of the time I have all but stopped researching stocks on my own.”

We have scores of emails like these from Alex’s readers…

And it’s easy to see why.

Just take a look for yourself at some of the most recent gains Alex’s Insider Alert has produced…

  • 501.30% on Walgreens
  • 148.10% on AGCO Corp.
  • 216.67% on AmTrust Financial Services
  • 292.94% on Mercer International
  • 191.50% on Aaron’s.

Right now, Alex is looking into several insider situations that look very promising.

For instance, he’s found a hot tech company that insiders just poured $2.7 million into. And a growing pharmaceutical company where five separate insiders just bought a total of 11,463 shares at $2.28 a pop. And then there’s the company leading the green energy initiative that has three insiders who just went on a buying frenzy.

Alex is going to run these situations through his 25 criteria and if they met them, then he’ll send immediate “Buy” notices when it’s time to get in.

He’ll tell you exactly how to maximize your gains… when you should buy… and for how much.

And of course, when the time comes, he’ll tell you when to collect several thousand in passive income.

But that’s not all…

Special Bonus Report: Available for a Limited Time Only

To help get you started right away, Alex has agreed to do something quite rare.

You see, every day Alex scours insider buying records looking for the very best opportunities to share with his Insider Alert readers.

However, due to the nature of his strategy, he’s only able to share his large cap finds. It would be too risky to recommend any small cap plays to all of his followers.

But there are a few profit-packed opportunities that Alex is looking at right now that he believes are just too good to waste.

And he’d like to send the details of those to the first 250 people who join his service today.

These three opportunities alone could help you score your first monthly paycheck of $7,783.

The three companies include:

  • The global Internet media company that three insiders just dumped millions into. That includes the company’s director who picked up 200,000 shares and one 10% owner who just invested about $2.18 million.
  • A publisher of locally based print and online media, which one of the company’s 10% owners just poured over $2.1 million into. (The company’s CEO and directors are following his lead!)
  • The clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company where two of the company’s directors just picked up more than 500,000 shares each for about $1.38 million.

You’ll find everything you need to know about each company in Alex’s newest report, “Three Small Cap Plays Insiders Are Stocking Up On.”

You’ll receive your copy – including all the specifics of when to buy – in your email the moment you subscribe to The Insider Alert.

And it gets even better…

A Full 90 Days to Try This Out 

Alex is allowing the first 250 people who respond to his invitation today to try out his Insider Alert service for a full 90 days.

I recommend you go ahead and sign up now…

Then, over the next month, take the time to track Alex’s performance. See for yourself just how profitable following this off-hours profession can be.

Do it all on paper so there’s no risk to you.

And when you’re ready… once you’ve seen it work for yourself… jump on in and start collecting your own income on the side.

If you are unsatisfied at any time during your first 90 days, you can cancel and get your money back.

The only cost will be our 10% processing fee.
We charge this fee because, believe it or not, some people like to sign up, receive our work for 89 days, and then quit… only to sign up a few days later and do it all over again.
We added the fee to protect against this sort of scam.
But either way, the pressure is on us to deliver a great service.

You can get started right now and review all the details on the subscription form by clicking on the button below.

After you join, we’ll immediately send you a welcome letter that explains everything you need to know to begin.

Plus, if you’re one of the first 250 people to respond to this offer today, Alex will also send you his brand-new Welcome Kit…

A Little Something Extra…

It’s very important to Alex that you’re prepared to be as successful as possible using his strategy.

That’s why he’s been working hard alongside our team to develop a special “toolkit” for his newest Insider Alert subscribers.

In it, you’ll find Alex’s Quick-Start Guide to help you jump right into everything The Insider Alert has to offer.

This guide is complete with details on exactly how much you should invest… specifics on how Alex’s alerts work… and a walkthrough of Alex’s entry and exit strategy.

In addition, he’s also included a complimentary hard copy of one of his most-recommended books for getting a deeper understanding of the nuances and opportunities in the stock market: How to Make Money in Stocks by William J. O’Neil.

This national best-selling book contains proven techniques for finding winning stocks before they make big price gains… tips on picking the best stocks, mutual funds and ETFs to maximize your gains… strategies to help you avoid the 21 most common investor mistakes… and much more.

And I want you to know: This Welcome Kit – and all of the tools inside – are yours to keep, even if you decide that Alex’s service isn’t for you. 
But I doubt that will happen…
Because regardless of your goal – whether it’s to supplement your income, grow your retirement portfolio, or just enjoy some extra spending cash – there’s no question in my mind that Alex’s service and these tools he’s put together for you can help you get there.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get From Alex When You Join

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Go ahead and page through his recent issues… read the complimentary book he’s included in your Welcome Kit… memorize his Quick-Start Guide… enjoy your limited-edition 1-ounce silver coin.

Take a look at his exclusive bonus report with details on the three small cap plays insiders are stocking up on…

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This is hands down one of the best offers Alex has ever authorized for those interested in trying his Insider Alert service.

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Good investing,

George Rayburn
Director of Business Operations, The Oxford Club
August 2015